The Love of Tribal Shoulder Tattoos

Man's shoulder was tattooed with a popular tribal Polynesian design.Tribal tattoos on the shoulder have gained a lot of popularity especially amongst sports and TV personalities. Tribal shoulder tattoos give a very cultured look and that is it has so much likeability.

Most of them who get these tattoos usually do not even know the message behind them. For instance, the Maori design which was a popular once was never used because of the meaning behind the design. It was only the design that was attractive. It is said that some messages were offensive for the Maori people. Anyone who got the Maori tribal design tattooed on their shoulder would end up apologizing for it.

If you are planning to get a tribal tattoo on your shoulder, you should first research on the meaning of the message behind it. You should make sure it does not offend any tribe’s culture and prestige. A little bit of study about the meaning behind the tattoo design can save you from a lot of blushes.

An amazing tribal tattoo with stars design embedded on shoulder.Tribal Shoulder Tattoo Designs

Tribal shoulder tattoos have striking bold designs that are usually in carved in black fonts. This generates great appeal for the users. Men usually get such tattoos on their shoulders and arms. Women usually prefer areas around their back waist. Tribal shoulder designs can be carved into many different designs and shapes. A lot of nature as well as Celtic symbols are depicted in these tribal shoulder tattoos. Some people also use animal or zodiac signs as tattoos as they represent a symbol of strength, courage, individuality etc.

Why tribal tattoos?

The concept of tribal tattoos emerged from old tribes residing on America, Malaysia, Hawaii and a few others. Tribesman used these tattoos as in identity to differentiate them from other tribes. It gave them belongingness to their tribe. It was a symbol of pride and distinction. They also believed these tattoos gave them some kind of natural powers. For instance, a tattoo bearing a bear meant a sign of courage and bravery similar to a bear. Likewise, many other things were used a tattoos that demonstrated characteristics of the symbol being used.

Where to have it?

The best positions for tribal shoulder tattoos are large areas like the shoulder, back, forearm, chest or the shoulder link that continue to the area of the chest. Tattoo users are of the opinion that bigger tattoos look better. Women however favor intricacy in tattoo designs. They want their tattoos to depict honesty, love, femininity motherly or anything that has a girly touch to it. Some also like big ones but women usually prefer smaller, more feminine tattoos.

A black tribal dragon tattoo is pierced on man's shoulder and blade.

If you are looking to get tribal shoulder tattoos, you can find many galleries over the internet to browse and choose your favorite designs from. However, you want to have something that is absolutely unique and never seen before, you should research on the old tribes that existed many years ago. Decide on the kind of message you want to represent and search accordingly and you can have a blazing style for your tribal shoulder tattoos.