5 Hottest Girl Shoulder Tattoo Designs

Girl's shoulder was tattooed with flying butterflies design.Tattoos are all the rage nowadays and the one of the most difficult choices that a girl has to make when getting a tattoo is WHERE to get it. According to our analysis, the winner is clearly the shoulders. Shoulders are considered to be one of the most glamorous parts of a woman’s body, and what better way to flaunt them than with an elegantly done tattoo! Also, girl shoulder tattoo designs are extremely popular because of the large space that is available, so the tattoo artist has more room to show off his creativity. Now that the difficulty of where to get it is solved, let’s move on to WHAT design to get.     So dear readers, we’ve compiled a list of the all-time favorite designs for girl shoulder tattoo design. So here goes:


Needless to say, butterflies have long been an object of immense fascination for the youthful and independent girls of today. They hold immense charm due to their exotic designs and the beautiful combinations of colors on their body. Their metamorphosis from a caterpillar to the beautiful flying creature is something every girl loves to relate to. Thus the girl shoulder tattoo designs of a butterfly! One can get girl shoulder tattoo designs many different designs and colors, right on top of the shoulder blade.

A best flowers tattoo pierced on girl's left shoulder.


From the time a little girl learns to read, write and draw, flowers are their special favorites. We love flowers. We love drawing them, getting them, smelling them and decorating our rooms with them! So why not get them in the form of tattoos? They can be drawn in vivid colours and eye-catching designs. Some of the most popular choices of girl shoulder tattoo designs include lily, cherry blossom, and of course, the rose.


Stars have almost always been associated with magic! And which girl doesn’t like a little magic in her life? Stars have been romanticized immensely through literature, movies and media so star shaped girl shoulder tattoo designs never fail to impress. One can get a beautifully done shooting star, or in the form of a bunch of smaller stars, whatever strikes your fancy!

The stars tattoo with cloud design embedded on shoulder.


Birds are friendly, the sing, they fly. Various birds represent various things; therefore bird tattoos looks elegant and pretty. One can get an eagle tattoo, for strength, a dove for peace, a sparrow for freedom. So on and so forth.


For the culturally connected girls out there, tribal girl shoulder tattoo designs are revered greatly! The reason being that these designs can be beautifully etched on the skin, with a combination of thick and thin strokes, abstract designs etc. These are symmetrical along the shoulder blade, thus enhancing the beauty of the overall design. These tribal tattoo designs originate from various tribes that have gone through hardships in order to achieve their particular status today. So a tribal girl shoulder tattoo design speaks volumes about the historic stories of particular tribes. Some of the most popular tribal girl shoulder tattoo designs are Aztec, Samoan, Maori, Polynesian and Samoan.

Girl's shoulder was tattooed with popular tiny black birds.

SO here, you very own guide to getting the best tattoo for your shoulders! No matter what your personality, whether you are a hardcore feminist, an adventurer, a hopeless romantic, an ambitious high-achiever, we are sure that one of these ideas will surely