Shoulder Tattoos

Macho shoulder tattoo design.One of the fashionable tattoos gaining a wide popularity these days for both men and women are shoulder tattoos.  If you have decided to ink a shoulder tat on your skin, you can read the following tat ideas given below about shoulder tat designs, so that you can come-up with a perfect one.  For more than a decade, shoulder tats have become very popular for both genders because of their unique and attractive appearance.

A lot of tat enthusiasts embed these tats on the rounded part of their upper arm, and others consider having them on their shoulders, and extended at the back.  One advantage of having this tat is that you can hide it anytime you wish to do so, and display it at the right time.  As you continue reading this article, you’ll get information about different shoulder tat designs for ladies, and the corresponding shoulder tat designs for males.

Two areas on your shoulder are considered as the placement areas for shoulder tattoos; namely, behind your shoulder or close to the shoulder blade and another is on the upper arm portion of your shoulder.  Embedding a tat on either side of your shoulder will look great, and you can easily hide it in situations where a tat is considered informal.

In the case of men, they opt to have more aggressive types of tat designs on their shoulders.  Some of the popular tat designs for the upper arms and shoulders of men include skulls, dragons and tigers.  On the other hand, the shoulder tats suitable for women are less aggressive in appearance, sexier and more feminine.

Full sleeve shoulder dragon tattoo design.

Black fairy tattoo design inked on shoulder.If you search online, you’ll find that shooting stars, zodiac symbols, tribal designs and dolphins are in the list of very popular shoulder tattoos for women.  Each of these designs reflects a different image that depends on the personality of the user.  For instance, if you see a dolphin in a design embedded on the shoulder of a woman, this gives a sense of beauty and playfulness about her.

In the case of a woman having her zodiac sign displayed on her shoulder, this indicates that she’s proud of herself.  Another good option of a tat design for men is the image of a skull engraved on a man’s shoulder.  If you want to make it more unique in style, then, you can combine it with a floral motif.  As far as women are concerned, they have started to be more dynamic in their choice of tattoos for their shoulders which they never did 1 or 2 decades ago.

3D Zodiac cancer tattoo on shoulder back.
You will notice that these shoulder tattoos have been popular with men more often, but today, even women are engraving them on their skins.  Women’s shoulder tat designs include sexier and more feminine designs such as zodiac tattoo designs intended for girls, tribal signs, butterflies, fairies, dolphins and flower designs.

Colorful big butterfly tattoo on shoulder.A lot of women prefer to have traditional and fantasy designs such as birds, shooting stars, dragon tats, angels, etc.  They also choose “kanji”, celestial images, and attractive pictures which add up to their sexy and sensuous look.  Tats on your shoulder are as sensual as those tats that are embedded behind the neck.  Women are able to make a bold statement of what she wants to express by having these tats.

Supposing that you have shoulder tattoos, and you don’t want to show them off to your male companion during your 1st date, then, you can hide them under your clothes.  Now, if you desire to display it wild inside a night club, you can do it easily by just wearing a strapless, sexy outfit that would show off your captivating shoulder tat design.

Speaking of tat designs for the shoulders of men, since many years past, they have been wearing tattoos on their shoulders.  These designs for men include mythological characters and motifs that are popular such as skulls, fire, dragons and tigers.  These shoulder tat designs for men are usually pictures of masculinity and aggressiveness.

Sugar Skull tattoo on shoulder.

Bull head tattoo design.These shoulder tattoos also include nautical star tattoos which are very popular for men.  Today, men are also fond of having a “Koi” fish tat design splashing in blue water.

There are also symbols such as the 6-point star which are worn by men on their shoulders.  Hollywood star Dwayne Johnson embedded on his right arm a bull tat having red eyes as his zodiac sign Taurus.

Japanese Koi Tatoo on shoulder to chest area.

On the other hand, the whole of his left shoulder has a Samoan tat.  On the part of celebrities, they are known to be fond of wearing shoulder tat designs such as texts, praying mantis, stars, moon and birds.  Other tat designs that are usually engraved Large Celtic knot tattoo design on shoulder back of men.on the shoulders of celebrities are tribal shoulder tats and Celtic tat designs.

In the case of tribal shoulder tattoos, they are often worn by tribal warriors during the ancient times.  These designs are known to possess a deep meaning that is attached to spiritual belief, and they are believed to protect the warriors in battles and when they were performing hunting rituals.  The purposes of engraving tribal tats for women were to honor their Gods and to receive their blessing.

These tribal shoulder tats are often drawn using black ink which is very pleasing to the eyes.  For women, tribal shoulder tats that portray the image of a butterfly are very popular, while for men, tattoos that show the images of the moon and the sun are Polynesian tibal tattoo design on shoulder.gaining an immense popularity.  So far, these are just some of the great tat ideas that this article can provide you.

If you want more information about shoulder tattoos, then, you can search online for a variety of unique and attractive shoulder tat designs.  Another option that you can do is to visit a popular and registered tat artist to get more ideas about shoulder tat designs.  One thing great with these shoulder tattoos is that they are very convenient to wear if you want to show them off anytime, and very easy to hide at the right moment.